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Summer dog problems? SOLVED!

I grew up with Poodles. My mom is a fan of this breed. Well…it was easy for her to be a fan, since I was the one who was taking dogs on walks, and spend half of my childhood trying to clean their fur from burrs, foxtails and other crap that can be caught in their soft hair while they were running through weeds and bushes.

Mom still have Poodles. And she does NOT like spending her time cleaning their fur. That’s why she came up with this solution, which changed quality of her summers😊 She made protective summer overall out of linen. Why linen? Because it is a natural fabric, which allows air to flow. Problem with burrs and foxtails was finally solved! Not only that, this overall protects from heat, especially if your dog is black, and if you keep the overall wet. It does not allow ticks, bugs or other insects to get in contact with fur or skin, also it keeps your dog clean from dust. This overall is a blessing for hairless breeds (Xolo, Chinese Cresteds, American Hairless Terrier, etc) - no more sunburns!

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