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Story of Custom Dog Coats started in 2012.


This business was started by my mom Tatyana (a master seamstress), who makes these awesome dog clothes. My mom has been sewing all her life and she has always had dogs. Her skills and love for dogs guarantee quality and understanding of your pupp’s needs.


My mom still lives in Lithuania, a country in Northern Europe, where climate is rainy and winters can be brutal (up to -14F), that is why dog clothing there is not trendy, but actually needed. Coats are made here and shipped directly to you.  

The idea to start this business occurred when a friend of ours (an owner of 3 Miniature Schnauzers) asked my mom to make 3 full body raincoats, because dog shows demand perfect looking dogs and all grooming can be easily ruined by snow or rain after walking outside the building during shows. Soon that friend recommended us to other people who saw those raincoats and this is how it all started - hobby became a full-time business.


After I moved to USA I decided to introduce our dog suits to US and Canada market. I am taking care of all the orders, I am here to help you to create your perfect custom dog coat! 


Julia & Tatyana 








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