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Story of Custom Dog Coats began in 2012 with me, a master seamstress who creates these dog clothes. Having sewn all my life and being a dog lover, my skills ensure the quality and understanding of your pup's needs.

I reside in Lithuania, a country in Northern Europe with rainy weather and brutal winters (up to -14F), making dog clothing not just trendy but a necessity. The coats are made here and shipped directly to you.

The idea came about making dog apparel came to me when a friend of mine, who owned 3 Miniature Schnauzers, asked me to make 3 full-body raincoats for dog shows. These shows demand perfectly groomed dogs, and all that hard work can be ruined by snow or rain outside the show building. Word spread after other people saw those raincoats, and what started as a hobby quickly became a full-time business. 



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