Thank you so much for the nice dog coat. 
Is is just perfect, and we are so happy that our dog can be outside in the snow and be warm and dry, and without any snowballs in the fur when coming inside!
I will recommend this coat to all my poodle friends. 

Vibeke, Norway

Having ordered custom clothes in the past that didn’t ever fit properly, I was very skittish about these ones since they are not cheap, however, I could not recommend this store enough! My two dogs are mixes and finding clothes for them was always a nightmare. So when I moved from a tropical country to Canada, I was worried they would be stuck inside all day long during winter. The clothes are EXTREMELY well made, super warm (I took them out in -20 days and they were perfectly happy!). They are a bit bulky, so dogs protested wearing them at first, but after lots of treats and runs in the park, they now wear it happily! Given proper care, seems like these clothes are going to last forever :)

Carolline, Toronto

My highest recommendation goes to "Custom Dog Coats"! They solved my dog's problem! For over 5 years, every time it snowed my dog run, but every attempt to have fun in the snow would end quickly because agonizing ice-stones formed between his toes. I tried everything! Nothing stayed on. So, Custom Dog Coats went to work. They went above and beyond, they spent extra time with me to come up with a design for a "coat" that would not add warmth, but would still serve to end the problem of dog boots flying off. Julia promptly responded to my phone calls and answered my every email. I could trust they were there and cared. I couldn't be more pleased with the pleasant service I received and the high quality of the booted dog coat, which now allows my dog to go wild in the snow!

My husband and I were able to go sledding and test Roger's new snowsuit.  It worked perfectly!!  I was so thrilled.  For the first time ever, Roger didn't lose his boots and he was able to play endlessly without having to curl up in pain to nurse the hard snow rocks that used to form between his toes!!

Only once did I have to re-tighten boot straps around his ankles, but that was only because I hadn't yet learned that the straps need to be on very tight (yet Roger remained totally comfortable with them on tight).

Thank you! You have made our lives better.

Gina, Virginia

We just received the snow suit today! The custom fit is incredible, and the quality of work is impeccable! It took a few minutes to get him into it, but it fits him perfectly! The velcro on the booties keeps his feet in place and within a few minutes he was able to run in it! He was toasty warm when we took it off. The wait was worth it! Thank you very much! I will recommend you to all of my dog lover friends! 

Nanette, Indiana

Custom made doggie snow suits definitely take time but the wait was so worth it. I am so excited at how cute it is and the quality is ABSOLUTELY amazing. It is sure to keep my dog extra snuggly in the sub zero weather we've been having.  Huge  thank you to Custom Dog Coats  for keeping my doggie stylish for this years winter season!  

Stern, USA

Exactly what I was looking for! A one-piece show suit to keep our dog’s feet dry and keep him warm. It’s excellent quality and fits him perfectly!

Sevann, Minnesota

Just after we got the snowsuit, we had a spell of very cold, snowy weather.  So, we did have the opportunity to put the snowsuit to the test. Zoe was invincible in her snowsuit, running throw big snow drifts and through the ditches.  She was so warm, she would actually pant, which is a funny sight because Zoe doesn’t pant too often – usually only in the very warm summer weather when she is running around with her friends.  So, to see her panting after she is has been tunneling through a snow bank is quite an unusual sight.

We have been showing it off and everyone has commented on the attention to detail and how well made it is. So, please extend our thanks to your mom.  She does such beautiful work.

Susan, Canada

This rain jacket with snood is AMAZING! The quality of fabric and the quality craftsmanship surpassed my expectations. My dog is a weird size, she's a tall and skinny medium, who never fits in store clothing properly. This rain jacket fits perfectly. I highly recommend her dog jackets. Worth every penny!!!!

Angela, New York

Julia, this is the most adorable thing ever!!! She looks absolutely adorable! I'm a dog groomer so I have been showing my customers her snowsuit. My sister works at a vet and kennel and she, too, has been showing people. Nobody has ever seen anything like this!!! Everybody thinks she looks cute! Thank you! The snood fits and looks great! The zipper works great! I love that the material is quiet! I really love the snowsuit!!!

John, New York

Wow, this is a work of art! Ariel looks very warm and comfortable! The snowsuit fits perfectly. I can see all the careful work that went into the design and the stitching. I wish my clothes were that well made! I will be very proud to show other people and recommend they order for their own dogs!  I think Ariel will be nice and warm even in the polar vortex now.  Also she's adorable. Thank you! 

Lynda, Massachusetts

Fantastic snow suit. It is easy to put on and keeps her completely dry and warm. The engraving of her name is a very nice touch. Thank you so much, we are thrilled !!!

Denise, Canada

Jazz's new coat is absolutely fantastic: quality materials, quality work, and great design. Working with Julia was very easy - we communicated via email for all additional details and measurements. The order arrived within expected timeframes and in good package. I have not seen anything of this quality anywhere else. This was a great find for our dog. I highly recommend Julia's products!

Natalya, Iowa

Your site impressed me with the detail put into each dogs' coat and the custom fitting done for each.  I really liked the pictures of all of the different coats and the dogs. One of the reasons that I will order again in the future is that you responded so quickly to all of my questions, and you kept me updated as to the progress of the coat's construction and all of the shipping details.  Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 

Styve, Florida

This is very well made, quality product. It was made exactly as I asked and fits my dog perfectly. Attention was paid to every detail. It is so easy to put on and take off and the width of the cuffs are adjustable. The collar has a slot to put the leash through. The zipper along the back is a great idea. The fabric on the inside is similar to the exterior and doesn't pull on or rub his fur. He stays completely dry and warm in this. I have put it in the washer and dryer and it came out perfect. The seller was very friendly and helpful and always replied promptly to my questions. You will not find anything close to this in a pet store. I have looked for quite a few years and have bought other coats that either didn't last or didn't work for his size and shape. I highly recommend this product. It was worth every penny!

Susan, Canada

My husband and I love the snowsuits very much! Our fur babies love them too! They are a very good purchase. The snowsuits are very beautiful and well made. You can really see the great expertise and craftsmanship in them. I have been looking for a dog coat or snowsuits with attached boots because our dogs keep losing their boots in the snow, this is the perfect solution for our problem. Julia, the seller, is very friendly and helpful. She always give me prompt response whenever I have a question. The order was shipped quickly too. We are extremely happy with this purchase! I highly recommend these snowsuits. If you love your dogs, do not hesitate do order these customized dog coats.

Annie, Alaska

I ordered an entire custom rain suit for my dog. I'm very pleased with the customer service I received. All the measuring instructions were clear, and the suit fits my dog very well. The boots fit her, but she really resists keeping them on, so we tend not to use the boots. This is not the fault of the maker, but just my dog's preference. The material is excellent quality, and the workmanship is completely professional. Communication throughout with the maker was clear and timely. I highly recommend this artisan!

Jill, New York

Love, love her snowsuit! She truly enjoys romps in the snow and treks through the winter woods. Her suit keeps her warm and dry , saves her from becoming a giant snowball, and does not restrict her movement. Thank you!

Ronnie, Connecticut

 It was 30 below zero and my little girl still got to go for her walk... not sure i know how to thank the person who made that possible..... We are THRILLED ! With our new snowsuit. THANK YOU 🐾

Sherrie, Idaho

Julia was so great to work with..answering all my questions and fast😊
We are so pleased with the snowsuit we bought for our arctic dog Bella..the quality is amazing  and I am VERY confident our little pup will be toasty warm on very cold arctic days..I highly recommend customdogcoats..and have already shared with friends up here in the north!! Thx Julia!!

Lisa, Canada

We LOVE this snowsuit, it's definitely one of a kind. Pleasantly surprised by the quality & perfect fit! My 17 year old mini schnauzer no longer shivers in the snow, she actually seems to be extra spunky & now tries to go "off roading" into snow piles! The only thing I would think about is changing how the snood fits, maybe continue the zipper from the back all the way up...just to make the on/off faster. We really enjoy the unique details, like the fancy interior & fancy upgraded zipper. Y'all are very talented, I highly recommend your products & plan on making additional purchases in the future.

Anglela, New York

This snow suit was worth every penny. I got it with the attached boots and snood. Took a few adjustments to get the feet right but once I got them on properly I didn't have to readjust. When we get home his feet are warm and dry. Il post a video of him on his walk on my Instagram myauthenticnow if anyone wants to take a look. Thank you so much for this wonderful suit. ♡

Manny, Canada

Julia was fabulous to work with! She took very detailed measurements I gave her for my dogs, and the finished raincoats fit them absolutely perfectly. They arrived faster than expected as well. I'll definitely be back the next time I need any doggie outerwear!

Stephanie, Nebraska

We love her coat so much! It’s one of the best investments we have made! She loves wearing it because it means there is snow or rain which are her favorite! I love that she can run with it and it doesn’t restrict her. 

Tori, USA

Winters in Alaska can be brutal. But that does not stop us from wanting to take our dog with us on our long distance snowmobile excursions to our cabin. We ordered a custom made snowsuit from custom made dog clothing that allows our beloved Sally Sue to ride in comfort and style. The craftsmanship is excellent and the materials are warm and durable enough to handle the rigors of rough trails and below zero temperatures.

Barbara, Alaska