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Custom Dog Coats creates functional suits for dogs in demand of high quality, protective wear with maximum body coverage and option of attached shoes and snood.

Each coat is custom made according to your dog's individual measurements.  We are known for understanding needs of your 4-legged family member and commitment to make your dog warm, comfortable and happy. Large breeds are welcome!



Large dog winter coat

Made of the same fabric as the suit. Can be rolled down when you don't need it. Holes for clear hearing. Price: $35

BUILT IN BOOTS (optional) 

High quality waterproof, anti skid   boots.  Sewn onto the sleeves so you never lose them. Price: $55 and up
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Custom Dog Warm Winter Clothes
Dog Coat With Attached Shoes
  • Our vast experience in making coats for dogs of all sizes and shapes

  • Our suits do not restrict movements

  • Each coat is made according to your dog's measurements

  • You customize color, design and choose other options

  • Reflective details make dog visible at night

  • Easy to put on and take off since zipper is on the back

  • Adjustable straps by each leg

  • Leash accommodation on the back

  • Ample insulation of our snowsuits

  • Maximum body coverage with sex specific cutouts for potting

  • Machine washable

  • Order today- receive it in 2 weeks!


Custom Dog Snowsuit Attached Boots


Raincoat has 2 layers:  waterproof fabric + cotton silky lining that prevents hair matting. Works awesome in winter as well for long haired dogs (who do not need warmth) as prevention of snowballs. 

3 Seasons Coat has 2 layers: waterproof fabric + super soft fleece. Will serve well in spring, fall and winter. If it's colder than 14 F (-10 C) - just put a t-shirt underneath. Perfect for hairless breeds.

Snowsuit has 3 layers: waterproof fabric + insulation + silky lining. Can withstand high force winds,  extreme weather conditions, and frigid temperatures. Back length must be min 10" (25cm). 


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